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Dec 4, Virtual Meet 11 AM

Updated: May 9, 2022

Join our first Virtual meet on Saturday Dec 4th at 11 AM. Please register here in advance so that we can send you remainders and meeting links.

Focus of our discussion in this event : Why Saving is so difficult?

This is a fundamental challenge we all have. Our aspirations are and will always be greater than our income. In such a situation whether we wait for the income to increase or expenses to reduce, this will be a never ending wait.

We plan to have this session as an interactive one, understanding the challenges of those who cannot step up and save and learning from those who have found a way.

We have many things planned, but every thing starts with the first step. We look forward to seeing you in this online session. Please register in the Zoom link above and you will get the meeting link with password.

You can also join our Meetup Group here :

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