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Financial Freedom

Between 2000 and 2012, My salary grew 15 times, from Rs 10,000 PM to Rs 1,50,000 PM.

This was possible because, instead of getting stuck in a role that was stagnant and suffocating, I challenged myself, took risks and actively pursued roles that I loved to do, even in smaller companies that were dynamic.

This approach had its share of risks. There were occasions when the dynamic companies I worked for, had cash flow problems and I had to go without any income for a few months and still had a family to run and EMIs to pay. Similarly when, I switched from a full time job, to full time freelance consulting, I had to manage with half the income for the first few months.

I see many people, stuck in jobs that they don't like, because they are being held back by their financial constraints.

The ability to pursue my passion and become more and more free over the years, was possible because I saved and invested that surplus in appreciating assets. Since we don't sell our assets except in case of emergency, it protects our savings from our own spending habits. 

Saving 10-20% of your take home pay, in any inflation proof risk free asset, gives you the feeling of security and also liberates you to make career choices and role changes, with confidence, because you would have the surplus to fall back on.

If you want to become more free, "Save First Spend the Rest" is the simplest and most powerful tool in your hand, and it is just an eMandate away. 

Ramkumar R S


Save First Foundation

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