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Some where along the way, we lost our way. When did money become the purpose, and people the means to achieve it? When did people start working for money, instead of money working for the greater good of the common people? Why is the world of money and finance driven by fear and greed?

By taking control of our financial lives, by steering the levers of income, savings, spending, borrowings and investments; intelligently and with love, we can protect our family, our children and help them grow. By collectively transforming our relationship with money, we can change the world of finance and through that the world itself.

There are three core objectives for our foundation. All our activities are centered around these three pillars.

Our Mission

Financial Freedom

Freedom for us, is not the ability to retire early, stop working and passively live off our investments.

Freedom for us means we do not get stuck in a job or career that we don’t like, just because of our financial constraints. 


It means, the freedom to switch jobs, change careers, choose a work that we love to do, in an area that we are passionate about. 


It means we remain a productive, contributing and hence earning member of the society as long as we live. 


It means we invest in ourselves, reinvent ourselves from time to time, improve our competencies and learn new skills so that we remain relevant. 


It means we steer and control our income, savings, spending, borrowings and investments intelligently, even in turbulent waters, and not get overwhelmed by the challenges that life throws at us.


It means instead of extracting value from others and creating scarcity, we create value for others and share the abundance.


It means, we collectively change the world of finance and through that, the world itself.

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Financial Discipline

The primary goal of “Saving” is to be in control of our financial lives.  Since our expenses and aspirations are and will always be greater than our income, we need to Save first and Spend the Rest. 


Save First, is a simple yet powerful philosophy that acts as a lever, giving us the power and control to steer our lives. Investments are what we do with our surplus. But savings are how we create that surplus in the first place.


The primary goal of "Investing" in various types of assets, is to preserve and protect our savings from risks, from eroding value of money and from our own spending habits. And to nurture and grow its real value. 


“Borrowings” and “Credit” should be leveraged carefully, intelligently and strategically to meet our lifestyle goals and lifetime goals.


For a more detailed discussion on this, please refer to our counselling guidelines.

One-to-One Personalized Financial Counselling

Case Studies of Financial Counselling done

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